about us

Alidade Strategies is a multi-dimensional company focusing on technology management consulting; program evaluation and mediation.

Our technology consulting practice focuses on assisting organizations with their transformation from industrial processes to a completely digital business.

One of our founders has held numerous senior management roles (including CIO) in medium to large scale enterprises where he transformed these organizations and optimized their technology capabilities to deliver true business value.

Our other founder has 20 years experience working in a health educational field with a world renown University in Canada. Our consultant has focused on program evaluation (qualitative and quantitative) and quality assurance. With an academic background (MSc) specializing in family studies and parenting styles, our consultant has navigated the health care and education systems and advocated for supports and resources for families in the community. Her goal is to help other families by breaking ground, supporting, providing information and creating an environment rich for the family voice.

We are vendor neutral and not biased towards any particular vendor or technology but we do have extensive experience in many technologies as highlighted in our portfolio.

We are results oriented and have extensive experience with a variety of methodologies and projects which allows us to bring our numerous lessons learned to projects to streamline delivery and optimize business outcomes.

We focus on two aspects with every project we undertake: quality and business value.