our services include:

Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO)


virtual chief information officer (VCIO)

many organizations are unable to hire a CIO to manage their plethora of technology while ensuring they get value for their money.  we provide temporary CIO capabilities to organizations to help them with their short to medium term needs.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

enterprise architecture

EA is a discipline that assists organizations implement technology through analysis, design, planning and implementation for the successful delivery and execution of strategy.

Through architecture we help organizations determine how to integrate all of their technology components to get the greatest business value.

Program and Project Management

Technology Program Management

program and project management

our technology project management methodology leverages best practices, lessons learned from numerous large scale technology projects to deliver quality and projects that stand the test of time.

we have delivered small to large scale (multi-million dollar) projects.

Information Management

information management

we have extensive experience in information management.  we assist organizations with turning their information into a knowledge asset in creative ways.  most recently we have been implementing self-service business intelligence (BI) capabilities to allow business users to answer their own questions without IT’s assistance.

Technology Solution Design


technology solution design

we have extensive experience assisting organizations with technology solution design from custom built applications to integrating commercial off the shelf (COTS) products.

Project Rescue


project rescue

many organizations struggle to deliver technology projects on time, on budget and by meeting expectations.  we have rescued numerous projects that delivered the value that expected.

Technology Management Consulting


technology management consulting

we have extensive experience assisting organizations with understanding the role technology can play in their business to increase customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, increase revenue and ultimately increase market share.

Geographic Information Systems


geographic information system (GIS)

location, location, location.  we have implemented numerous GIS systems to organizations and our approach focuses on processes to make the GIS sustainable and cost effective.

Technology Selection


technology selection

we have assist large and small organizations with selecting the right technology to fit their needs.  we offer a technology agnostic approach to determining the organizations technology needs and then use our extensive knowledge of technology to determine the right fit.