Apprenticeship Class Scheduling Predictive Analytics

Business Problem: Apprenticeship Class Scheduling is very manual and requires extensive resources each year.
Solution involved: Predictive Analytics, Information Management, Information Integration, Data Mart Development


Business Problem: Information in the Justice system was silo’ed, not flowing between stakeholders and applications and most of all business changes took to long to deliver
Solution involved: Information Management, Information Integration, Governance, Change Management, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Master Data Management (MDM), Mainframe renewal, Application Integration

GOA Open Data Framework

Business Problem: Data within IAE are very silo’ed and the open data sets created by the Department were out of data and not standardized. The framework was developed for IAE but ultimately adopted by the GOA Open Government Office.
Solution involved: information management, governance, standards

Pibline Solutions business plan summary

Business Problem: Pipeline Integrity data are silo’ed and inefficient field to office processes are causing major inefficiencies and poor data quality which means predictive analytics to solve the problem is difficult.
Solution involved: Information management, start up, innovation, big data, mobile, cloud, predictive analytics, social media, business process management and business efficiency

Innovation and Advanced Education Information Management Program Year 1

Business Problem: The Department wanted to enhance is knowledge and information management capabilities to enhance decision making and be the basis of evidence based decision making
Solution involved: Information Management, Master Data Management, Application Integration, Governance, Leadership, self-service business intelligence, vision and stakeholder management

oolite solutions business model

Business Problem: Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) do not have the capabilities nor budget to be able to identify and reward their most loyal customers
Solution involved: cloud, mobile, social media, big data, information management, innovation, vision and leadership

Innovation and Advanced Education Information Management Governance

Business Problem: AS part of the IAE Information Program governance is a key success factor and this presentation was the introduction to governance for the steering committee
Solution involved:

Alberta Justice Mapping an application project to architectural values

Business Problem: The Courts executive (Chief Justices) wanted to ensure value for money and alignment to their architectural principles
Solution involved: Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, governance, Architectural Principles